Quodoushka Sacred Sexuality Spirituality

Quodoushka IV: A Doorway to Ecstasy

The fourth level of Quodoushka directs you to the full intensity of your sexual love and guides you through the doorways of ecstasy for the benefit of all life. Utilizing the art of Ceremonial Magick, the joys of ecstasy in sacred union with your partner are enhanced and heightened.

Our experienced team, sharing shamanic teachings, supports and assists you into the stretch of connection, transformation and expansion. Grandmother Earth and the elements are key forces for healing, life-force energy and alchemy within Ceremonial Magick. 

Sex as a Life Teacher teaches us the pleasure of spirit and opens gateways of wisdom within all humans.It is within your destiny to constantly increase Happiness, Health, Humor, Hope and Harmony in your engagement with Life.

Quodoushka 1, 2, and 3 are prerequisites that must be completed in order to attend.

There will be a Q3 in Phoenix, Arizona between August 29th and September 1st. 

For additional information contact us at danceindharma@gmail.com


November 20-24, 2019

Oracle, Arizona


registration information

Your registration includes workshop fees and lodging for 4 nights (private space for each couple) and a meal plan. 

Specific location, schedule and all other information you need will be provided to you by our staff once your registration is confirmed. 

Our registration team requests to speak with participants by phone to ensure this workshop is right for you. 

Please contact danceindharma@gmail.com to schedule a brief call to confirm your registration.


Your deposit is used to secure your reservation at the ranch as well as cover staff and catering expenses prior to the workshop. There is a $150 cancellation fee per person for admin expenses. Within 10 days of the event, $250 per person is nonrefundable.

workshop fees, food & lodging

More about Quodoushka IV

Quodoushka IV is taught by Dianne Reagan, Janneke Koole, Mary Minor, Kristin Viken, John Kent III, Razel Wolf and Jim Goohs.

The workshop is a private event held at a Historic Guest Ranch in Oracle, Arizona. 

For questions about registration, lodging or travel, please contact 


hear from our facilitators

Kristin Viken

"We have the capacity to embody the God and Goddess of Creation in full expression of Love." - Kristen Viken

Razel Wolf

"There are pieces of ceremony, training and alchemy  in the QIV that will support you to make a difference in the world." 

- Razel Wolf