Womb of benevolent compassion

A Ceremonial Workshop for Couples

The Womb of Benevolent Compassion is a transformational shamanic workshop that presents the opportunity for you to eliminate forms of pity, pain, and sorrow as you encode beauty within your heart, body, mind, and spirit.

Throughout the course of 5 days, you will be guided to go deep into your innermost self and release the pain tapes that you have accumulated over a lifetime. Once released, you will gain an extraordinary fertile space to plant new seeds of beauty, power, and self-actualization. You will leave the workshop as a new person and will walk out into your world with the wisdom and knowledge to manifest the things you need, want, and desire.

Upon leaving the workshop, you will gain:

  • A well-rounded approach to assembling your world with a powerful presence
  • The clarity to see what needs to be seen so you can pay attention to what really matters and needs to be done
  • A keener sense of what it means to care for self, life, and others, as well as the compassion to make a greater positive impact on your world
  • A greater measure of neutral perception, which empowers you to expedite your self-growth and development
  • A “tool kit” of self-directed and positive re-programming to maintain and sustain the gains made in this transformational weekend

If you are desiring to transform your life and release any and all forms of pain and pity that keep you from creating your world with beauty and power, then you are ready for the Womb of Benevolent Compassion.

This unique ceremonial experience induces a profound inner peace.

Using shamanic transformational techniques, medicine tools (such as fans, bundles, and staffs of power), and specific breath work, participants are carefully guided through a process of releasing pain tapes stored in the deepest parts of their body, their heart, and their mind. 

Through the coaching and guidance of a team of highly skilled facilitators, you will develop a powerful inner sanctuary that allows you to return to balance and harmony.

Next workshop coming to Scottsdale, Arizona in November 2020!

razel introduces womb of benevolent compassion

Next Womb of Benevolent Compassion Workshop coming in November 2020!

Frequently asked questions

What is the womb?

The Womb is an inner space that allows birthing of all potential concepts into self-growth and development.

What is Benevolent Compassion?

Benevolent Compassion is a free-flowing energy that gives with no desire or expectation for return.

Do I need a partner for the workshop?

All participants will come to the workshop in male/female partnerships and will remain with the same partner throughout the 5 days. The preference is for males and females in committed relationships.

How does the womb relate to men?

Every man who attends will have had a womb transferal when they went through Shamanic Dearmoring, and will use their activated spirit womb in a ceremonial way.

How will men and women fulfill their roles?

This healing ceremony uses alchemy to restore beauty and wholeness into the womb of each participant. Women, with their physical womb, make it possible for the men to create a fertile space within their own spirit womb. Men carry the seed and will spark the restoration of benevolent compassion into the womb space of both genders.

There will be teachings provided on how this is done, as well as support by the team of facilitators, so that each person will experience profound expansion and transformation.

workshop fees and requirements

Requirements to Attend

Participants must be in female-male pairs, preferably in committed partnerships. Each person must have de-armored and attended at least the first level of Quodoushka.

Costs per person

Check back for 2020 prices 


The workshop will be held at a private location in Scottsdale, Arizona. The address will be provided once you are registered. 

Testimonials from Graduates

“My entire orientation to myself, life and others shifted away from being concerned about what others thought of me to a sense of liberation – I am more free to be me!”

“I came away from this workshop with a sense of inner calm that I had not known before. And no matter what was happening, I had a powerful statement of pure intent to chart my course.”

“Such a gift to experience the gift of men and women working together to create healing and balance — thank you!”

“The impact on our 21 year relationship has been to strengthen our marriage as loving allies with much less self-pity and importance, shorter conflicts, more laughter about our foibles, more acceptance for what is and greater compassion.”