Journeys Into The Mirror: A Journal for Women

This is a book you will want for yourself, your sisters and friends who are seeking an inner connection.

Journeys into the Mirror is intended to alert you, inspire you, and support you to see, to feel, and to know yourself. Each entry in this Journal is an invitation to look into the mirror of nature, of life, of your own being to catch glimpses of beauty and know you are blessed.

Each reflection in the mirror is prompted by a song and image, a suggestion for how to engage and an opportunity to journal as you listen to your own inner awareness and knowing.

Nature, our Great Mother, is calling us. Take a moment now to stop your busy-ness and listen.

Open your heart and let a smile of recognition nourish your inner beauty.

About the author


Janneke Koole

Janneke has worked in personal growth counseling for over 30 years and has taught in the U.S. and abroad for 18 years. She has an Art Therapy certificate from the Toronto Art Therapy Institute and a Counseling and Supervision certificate from the Toronto Institute for Human Relations. She is an authorized teacher, ceremonialist and medicine woman on the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, an ancient shamanic path of self-healing and self-growth based in Phoenix, Arizona.


Jenny and the Big Old Tree

This book tells the story of Jenny, who made a new friend in an unexpected place. She learned how to be her natural self and that people will have their perceptions of her regardless of what she does. A touching and beautifully illustrated children's story that teaches the 5 perceptions wheel.  To order your copy, visit DTMMS Shop

Journeys into the mirrors - reviews

“As a woman who works with all stages of a woman’s life, Journeys into the Mirror is a beautifully written, exquisite journey of self-discovery and insights. It is a deeper journey of connection to the seasons and All the Worlds of Grandmother Earth. I love that this journal offers reflections for the archetypical stages of a woman’s life. The unique images support one diving into the pool of reflections.”

Dianne May Ryan, Psychotherapist, Consultant, Facilitator
Founding Member Women’s Wellbeing Association
Co Creator of Womanhood & Pathways into Womanhood

“I loved this book! Journeys into the Mirror is an extraordinary tool to help women drop into non-verbal and earth-based ceremonial realms of healing and growth. Janneke’s simple activities are doorways into wisdoms of the natural world; each activity could well be a course unto itself. This book helps women tap into developments I have found crucial for healing and when one needs to change their course. I plan to use it with my clients/patients.”

Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine
Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
Arizona, USA

“Janneke Koole’s book puts into words and gives worthy support for women who want to reconnect to their own naturalness and to the gift of being truly female. I definitely will use her inspirations in my work with women and men because Journeys into the Mirror offers keys no matter the gender.”

Ursula Raab
Leadership Trainer and Business Coach
CEO Zwerger and Raab GmBH