walk your truth

Are you seeking answers to the challenges of the day?

  • Has your life been irrevocably altered by the winds of change?
  • Do you feel out of balance, mired in conflict or caught in a web of choices made long ago?
  • Do you sense that your true purpose in life lies dormant or buried under the demands of your daily existence?
  • Have you tried the rest and want to see results?

Today's world can be intensely challenging-a reality that each of us feels in our own way. The stresses and stark realities of our life can make it difficult to find inner peace, joy and fulfillment.

The starting point for meeting challenge is to know yourself and to walk your truth in the world. It is no small task to identify your true essence because it is often hidden deep within. It takes clarity and courage to create a life that reflects it.

Counseling Beyond Words is the private personal growth counseling practice of Janneke Koole, based in Phoenix, Arizona. With over 30 years of experience, Janneke puts different types of knowledge and tools to work for people seeking answers in today's challenging world, with the goal of helping them walk their truth

Counseling Beyond Words

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Diverse approaches

The mystery of life cannot be fathomed through any one philosophy or point of view

The spoken word is often used as the primary tool of learning, healing and growth. But there are other paths to those ends that operate beyond the realm of words.

Counseling Beyond Words knows that the mysteries of the human being-and of life itself-cannot be understood through any one set of lenses, and as such offers a diverse array of personal growth counseling approaches that draw upon:

  • Ancient shamanic teachings that embody universal truth, hold profound insights into the meaning and purpose of life and offer practical tools for healing and growth.
  • Spontaneous art expression that cuts through layers of defense and resistance and opens the door to reflections that often escape verbal articulation.
  • Ceremonial and meditative practices that promote self discovery and help us develop inner balance and harmony.
  • Therapeutic techniques that can assist in changing undesirable habits, patterns and views.


inner waters

Deep inside you, there is an inner knowing that can heal you

We humans are mysterious creatures made up of five interconnected aspects of self: our bodies, our emotions, our minds, our spirits and our sexuality. When we achieve balance across these five aspects, we are at our best in navigating life. But the way we process our experiences can throw our aspects out of balance-and that, in turn, can cause dysfunctional patterns and disease.

Janneke Koole provides a supportive space in which you will be seen, heard and empowered-a space in which you can unravel the knots of imbalance that lie within so that you can take the next step in self-actualization.

The goal is to help you bring more happiness, health, humor, hope and harmony into your life; to help you access the gifts of your shining, your natural self, that often lie undiscovered within; and to help you walk that natural self in your life.

Deep inside you, there is an inner river of knowing that can heal you and tell you who you truly are. Counseling Beyond Words helps you find your way to that river so you can see your reflection in its waters.


about janneke maria koole

Janneke has worked in personal growth counseling for over 30 years and has taught in the U.S. and abroad for 18 years. She has an Art Therapy certificate from the Toronto Art Therapy Institute and a Counseling and Supervision certificate from the Toronto Institute for Human Relations. She is an authorized teacher, ceremonialist and medicine woman on the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, an ancient shamanic path of self-healing and self-growth based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Counseling Beyond Words makes the following services available:

  • Counseling for individuals
  • Relationship, child and family counseling
  • Shamanic counseling
  • Spontaneous art therapy
  • Cognitive maps for self-healing
  • Ceremonies/practices for healing and growth
  • Nature retreats for renewal of all aspects of self
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Mentoring and coaching

To schedule a counseling session with Janneke, email her at beyondwords@me.com